Early Winning Nia Cover Reveal

By morganabevan|October 27, 2021|Books, Cover Reveal, Rock Star Romance, True Platinum|0 comments

Check out the cover Winning Nia, my next steamy rock star romance. I love it.  It’s another work of magic from Kirsty at Pretty Little Design Co. Winning Nia doesn’t release until next year but I’m impatient and sitting on this one was just too hard. It’s the second book in the True Platinum series. Pub date – 22nd Feb 2022 Available everywhere you can buy books. Plus all libraries and via

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Chasing Alys is Live!

By morganabevan|September 28, 2021|Books, Release Day, Rock Star Romance, True Platinum|0 comments

Chasing Alys is out in the world and I’m so excited for people to meet the Rhiannon men.  Up and Coming Rockstar  Jaded TV Production Coordinator  Slow burn  Steamy  Hookup Gone Wrong  Set in the UK A steamy, slow burn rock star romance following a jaded tv production coordinator who’s been burnt one too many times and a cinnamon roll rock star who just won’t quit. Available on all platforms

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Between Takes

By morganabevan|September 9, 2021|Books, Kings of Screen, Movie Star Romance|0 comments

Between Takes is a steamy Hollywood Romance following a fallen from grace actor and the new assistant who’s stealing his heart and patching his life back together with her take no nonsense attitude. Enemies to Lovers and Forbidden vibes. Release: 17th August 2021 Series: 1, Kings of Screen Tropes: Hollywood romance, Movie Star Romance, Slow Burn, Steamy, Strong female lead, Enemies to Lovers, Workplace Romance, Heat level: 4 ISBN: 978-1-9196091-1-9

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Chasing Alys Cover Reveal

By morganabevan|August 26, 2021|Books, Cover Reveal, Rock Star Romance, True Platinum|0 comments

It’s a surprise cover reveal day for Chasing Alys! Two weeks early, I couldn’t sit on it any longer. Isn’t it hot?  Kirsty from Pretty Little Design Co nailed this one in one try. She’s a genius. Up and Coming Rockstar Jaded TV Production Coordinator Slow burn Steamy Hookup Gone Wrong Set in the UK PREORDER CHASING ALYS NOW FOR 99c/p: https://books2read.com/ChasingAlys E-Book available on all e-stores, Kobo Plus and

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By morganabevan|August 17, 2021|Books, Kings of Screen, Movie Star Romance, Release Day|0 comments

Guys, it’s finally here! My debut, Between Takes, is LIVE!  Steamy  Movie star romance  Boss-assistant  Enemies-to-lovers vibes  Angst  Slow burn Who knew a lifeline out of a rut would come with a sexy but annoying actor? Mona needs a change of pace and maybe a career as an actor’s assistant would fit the bill. She won’t know until she tries. So what if the job involves babysitting the latest trainwreck

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It’s two weeks until Between Takes releases. I’m anxiously waiting to hear what you think of Mona and Shaun. While we wait, how about an excerpt? ======= “I don’t need a babysitter. I’m handling it.” He dragged his hands through his thick brown hair, tugging at the ends a little too hard.Someone is stressed.“That’s ridiculous,” Shaun muttered. “I’m the star! They wouldn’t.”They so would – or so Sherry said.Apparently, he

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Meet Mona Baines

By morganabevan|August 1, 2021|Books, Kings of Screen|0 comments

Meet Mona, the leading lady of Between Takes who has to whip the golden boy of screen into shape. Mona’s Scottish, a true Edinburger who’s lost her ties to the city. Unexpected Actor’s Assistant looking for a change of pace and a purpose in life. She’s frugal, open to trying anything once – a trait she may regret – and maybe a little too trusting. Between Takes is available for

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By morganabevan|July 23, 2021|Books, Cover Reveal, Kings of Screen, Movie Star Romance|0 comments

It’s finally cover reveal day for Between Takes. Sitting on this beauty was so hard but here it is to share with everyone. This one took a little more work than Chasing Alys but Kirsty The Pretty Little Design Co. proved herself to be a magician and I couldn’t love it more. That look of disdain! That hair! 😍 Between Takes releases on August 17th on all retailers. Make sure

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I can’t believe how close the Between Takes cover reveal is now. Just 5 days. I’ll be making it live on my Instagram, Facebook Page and Facebook Group on Friday 23rd July at 1200 UK / 0700 EST. My mailing list will get the cover reveal early on Thursday 22nd July, so if you’d like to catch a glimpse before everyone else, join now. Mailing list subscribers also get a

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