Collection: True Platinum Series

Over 12 steamy books, join Rhiannon and The Brightside as their bands climb to music fame — and wrestle with their personal lives along the way.

✔ Persistent frontman Ryan pursues love-resistant Alys in Chasing Alys.

✔ Trapped in an elevator, Daphne clashes with her sabotaging ex-Matt in Charming Daphne

✔ Guitarist James fights for a second chance with ex-Nia in Winning Nia.

✔ Bassist Dan grapples with a surprise toddler in Enticing Mel.

✔ Bad boy drummer Jared met his match in Defying Ella.

✔ After a drunken night in Las Vegas, Emily wakes up wearing a ring from hot rocker Owen in Needing Emily

✔ A charity date goes awry for Lily and Rhys in Braving Lily.

✔ And the fallout of a drunken fling forces Alex and Ceri back together after eight years apart in Daring Ceri.

Can these rising musicians balance rocketing careers and intense romance, or will one side derail the other?