Across all of Morgana Bevan's Celebrity Romances

  • Married Blind

    A Marriage of Convenience Hollywood Romance. Book 2 in the Kings of Screen Series 

    Finn McCarthy & Abi Johnson's story

    Takes place mostly in LA and Bora Bora with some New York mixed in.


    An update on Shaun and Mona's relationship

    The first introductions to Roseline (Abi's BFF), Eva (Abi's sister), Charlie (Finn's Agent), Saoirse McCarthy (Finn's sister), Fiona McCarthy (Finn's mother), Natalie (Finn's ex), Crew members - Tyler (Producer), Liam (Cameraman), Eric (Cameraman) and Ethan (camera assistant), fellow cast - Nicole, Aria Campbell (Country Singer), Kyle, Anders Olofsson (Hockey Player for Los Angeles Stingers) and Haley.

    Reappearance of Casey Jackson

    First mention of the Jimmy Michael’s Show in NYC and the Sanderson brothers (three acting dynasty brothers).

    Sneaky Facts

    One day soon, Married Blind will be a series in itself.

    In this book, I've teased not one, but five future books, including three new series. Ten points to whoever figures it out (I already told you one 😉)

  • Defying Ella

    A Close Proximity Rock Star Romance. Book 4 in the True Platinum Series


    Jared Michaels and Ella Griffith's story.

    Takes place AFTER Rhiannon's completes a Taste of Chaos-type tour of Germany and includes some sweet Phoebe scenes and updates on Mel/Dan, Alys/Ryan, Daphne/Matt and James/Nia.

    Some Sneaky Facts

    The cabin is owned by The Brightside's Andy.

    Rhiannon get bodyguards for the first time at the end of this book representing their stars continuing to climb.

  • Braving Lily

    An Opposites Attract Rock Star Romance. Book 5 in the True Platinum Series


    Lily Tyler and Rhys Jones's story.

    Includes the first proper introduction to Andy James, Tom Roberts, Lewis, Alex Thomas, Noel (Lily's bodyguard), Brodie (Alex's bodyguard), Carly (publicist) and Rhys' meddling niece, Sienna.

    Some Sneaky Facts

    Their story initially starts in Winning Nia with the charity auction.

    I mention The Brightside's manager but I don't name him until Daring Ceri.

    Lily Tyler was inspired by Taylor Swift, but the band's sound is an amalgamation between Swift's eclectic discography and The Maine.

  • Daring Ceri

    A Second Chance Rock Star Romance. Book 6 in the True Platinum Series

    Alex Thomas and Ceri Daniel's story.

    The first book to take place on the Pandemonium Tour.

    Introduces The Brightside's team - Kelvin (manager), Riley Clark (tour manager), Mia (production manager) and more Brodie (Alex's bodyguard).

    Sneaky Facts

    The timeline for this one overlaps slightly. It includes the moments before Rhys arrives to meet Lily's bandmates and some of the moments while Rhys and Lily are broken up and she's in LA for rehearsals.

    It also introduces Lewis's love interest, Olivia, and the start of their story in Marrying Oivia.

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