Meet Rhiannon, the hottest British rock band taking the charts by storm.

All they've ever wanted is to make it, and now those dreams are becoming a reality, but the road to fame is a lonely place.

Can they find the one person who'll stick by them through the rise and fall of their careers?

Welcome to Wales, the birth place of some of the best rock bands in history.

Over 12 steamy books, join Rhiannon and The Brightside as their bands climb to music fame — and wrestle with their personal lives along the way.

✔ Persistent frontman Ryan pursues love-resistant Alys in Chasing Alys.

✔ Trapped in an elevator, Daphne clashes with her sabotaging ex-Matt in Charming Daphne

✔ Guitarist James fights for a second chance with ex-Nia in Winning Nia.

✔ Bassist Dan grapples with a surprise toddler in Enticing Mel.

✔ Bad boy drummer Jared met his match in Defying Ella.

✔ After a drunken night in Las Vegas, Emily wakes up wearing a ring from hot rocker Owen in Needing Emily

✔ A charity date goes awry for Lily and Rhys in Braving Lily.

✔ And the fallout of a drunken fling forces Alex and Ceri back together after eight years apart in Daring Ceri.

When love’s song takes over, you’re forced to find the beat.

Once a player, always a player. And all men, in my experience, are. It's like they can't help themselves.

Usually, that reminder is enough. I dismiss most before I even meet them. Especially the hot ones.

Like Ryan. Lead singer of the band Rhiannon.

So hot it hurts, he can have any woman he wants. (And has, if the rumours are to be believed, and why wouldn't I believe them?)

But he keeps trying. And I don't understand it. He shows up at the Winter Wonderland. Sends me an MP3 player full of music to keep me company on a long drive.

So maybe I'll give in. At least, long enough to get it out of our systems. I mean, once he gets what he wants, he'll disappear, right?

Never mind how I'll feel when he does.

winning nia second chance rock star romance

I don't need a rockstar to be my knight in shining armour. Especially one who already had his chance.

My first love broke my heart when I was sixteen. James Tyler was everything I’d ever wanted, until he up and left. That’s what I get for falling for a musician whose plans for world domination never included me.

My second love, photography, would never let me down.

Or so I thought until I discovered that making it as a music photographer is a lot harder in reality than in my dreams – and my savings account can only take a beating for so long before I have to swallow my pride and start grovelling to my arrogant, estranged father.

And if things couldn’t get any worse, James is back…

Arriving with a job offer I shouldn’t refuse, and a confession big enough to send shockwaves through the past, he throws my entire life upside down. But I don’t care how successful his band is or that he insists I’m the one for him. If he thinks I forgive him tossing me aside ten years ago, he’s got another thing coming.

To anyone else, James is a second chance wrapped in muscle and black ink. Too bad for him, I’ve never believed in second chances.

charming daphne manager romance trapped in elevator

There’s always one, isn’t there?

And he was it; Matt Brodie. The one that sabotaged my biggest opportunity.

I picked my ass up and changed the game plan, I found another way. But I never would have had to, if he hadn’t stepped in and blocked my path.

I thought I’d put it behind me and moved on with my life, but when he steps in before the elevator doors close, I know I haven’t.

It’s been five years and now I’m trapped in an enclosed space with the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced.

Will I be forced to work with my unresolved feelings? Or can he find his way back in to my good graces?

Enticing Mel rock star secret baby romance

What happens when your past catches up with your present? I’m not sure I want to know.

Five years ago, my childhood sweetheart left me with more than a broken heart as his band rose to stardom. I’ve tried to move on and build a life without him.

I should’ve known the peace wouldn’t last. Eventually, his band would come home, and I’d be forced to face the dreamy bassist who still owns my heart. But I’ve been hiding something and my secret is about to be revealed.

As much as I don’t want his flaky lifestyle impacting my daughter — our daughter — I can’t lie anymore. Dan still makes my heart flutter and steals my breath.

He’s sure we can pick up where we left off now that he’s not touring. But I’m not the carefree girl anymore, and I’m not sure I can let him in again, not when someone else’s heart is on the line.

Will I listen when my head says no? Or will he be able to entice my heart once more?

One cabin, one badly timed snowstorm, and one asshole drummer. What could possibly go wrong?

He has it – that thing. You know the one I mean, right?

It’s not just the natural-born talent that cascades from him in musical waves when he's on stage, and it’s more than drive, more than passion.

It’s the one indescribable thing I can’t nail down for myself, and the man I despise more than anything right now, is throwing it away like it’s nothing. It’s infuriating.

He’s infuriating.

I didn't expect to spend so much time with him, near him, on this tour. And so, when the opportunity arose to escape to the quiet of the cabin, I took it. Only for the self-obsessed prick to turn up not long after.

Now, I can’t escape him and the reminders of the week we shared, what feels like a lifetime ago.

He’s got what I want, what I need. But can he help me find mine? And do I even want him to?

One night in Vegas with Owen Parry. It should have been simple. It wasn’t.

He’s hot. He’s always been hot. Half of the problem is that he knows it - something the Marable following aren’t shy about letting him know.

Of course, with a few drinks in hand, one thing led to another. You can see where this is going... What I wasn’t expecting, was the ring I woke up wearing.

I’m not ashamed to say I ran. I have no doubt he's only looking for arm candy, this rock star life isn't made for marriage. For love.

Either way, the knock on my door comes as a surprise. He’s here, and he wants a chance to get to know his wife.

Braving Lily Rock Star Romance female rockstar

What happens when the limelight isn't all it was meant to be?


It's like the entire world is rushing ahead and I just want to stop the ride, I want to get off.

I need a rest. A break. An easy half-hour with someone who doesn't have stars in their eyes and money on their mind.

So, I sold a date in a charity auction, and when the recipient doesn't even bother to turn up, I question whether normal men are worth the effort. Turns out the rock star variety aren't.

But it irks me. Men don't stand me up – nobody does. I'm Lily Tyler, goddamnit.

What I know of this man is enough to pique my interest, and I'm not going to take no for an answer now. I'm having this date, one way or another.


A setup, with a rockstar, organised by my mother. That's not what I'm looking for.

Some self-entitled little girl looking for a doe-eyed boy to worship her, I think not.

It's safe to say, after my marriage crumbled before my eyes, that I'm not interested in opening myself up to any kind of heartbreak again, ever.

But when I find myself backed into a corner, when she's asking for nothing more than a coffee, can I say no?

Will Lily manage to strong-arm her way into this date? Will Rhys get more than he bargained for if she does?

Daring ceri second chance forced proximity rock star romance

The spotlights stole her heart once. Now they're stealing her future — and she's not leaving without a fight.


Who knew a drunken ceremony in Fiji could be legally binding? Not me, but I'm not complaining.

I couldn't figure out how to make her give me a second chance, how to prove I've changed from the jerk who dumped her years ago. Now I have my chance to show her the man I've become — and this time, the finale will be just the start.


I'm engaged. I've moved on. Yet destiny drops the man who broke my heart back into my life with no warning.

Now the rock god who ditched me for fame is blackmailing me into a three-month tour that will wreck everything I've worked for.

I know better. Some days, I hate him. But despite our history, his rhythm still calls to me.

I won't be another conquest. If he thinks I'll surrender to the same fantasy that ruined me before, he's wrong. But refusing him could mean losing it all.

Can these rising musicians balance rocketing careers and intense romance, or will one side derail the other? Join us for the journey and find out.

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Hey! I'm Morgana. I'm a sucker for a rock star romance, particularly if it involves a soul-destroying breakup or strangers waking up in Vegas. I'm a contemporary romance author based in Wales. When I'm not writing steamy celebrity romances with gorgeous British rock stars and movie stars, I'm travelling the world, searching for inspiration.

I enjoy travelling, attending gigs, and trying out the extreme activities I force on my characters.

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