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Years after he broke her heart, musician James returns to make Nia a job offer as his band’s photographer — and makes a shocking confession. She’s not ready to forgive him, but his offer is too good to refuse…

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I don't need a rockstar to be my knight in shining armour. Especially one who already had his chance.

My first love broke my heart when I was sixteen. James Tyler was everything I’d ever wanted, until he up and left. That’s what I get for falling for a musician whose plans for world domination never included me.

My second love, photography, would never let me down.

Or so I thought until I discovered that making it as a music photographer is a lot harder in reality than in my dreams – and my savings account can only take a beating for so long before I have to swallow my pride and start grovelling to my arrogant, estranged father.

And if things couldn’t get any worse, James is back…

Arriving with a job offer I shouldn’t refuse, and a confession big enough to send shockwaves through the past, he throws my entire life upside down. But I don’t care how successful his band is or that he insists I’m the one for him. If he thinks I forgive him tossing me aside ten years ago, he’s got another thing coming.

To anyone else, James is a second chance wrapped in muscle and black ink. Too bad for him, I’ve never believed in second chances.

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